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Introduction of the establishment

Established in 1990, Digiana Industries Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, generators, and transformers. With over three decades of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

  • At Digiana Industries, we believe in continuous innovation and expansion. Our subsidiaries reflect our dedication to sustainability, customer convenience, and excellence in all aspects of our operations. Under the esteemed leadership of Mr. Sukhdev Singh Ghuman and Mr. Tejinderpal Singh Ghumman, Digiana Industries has consistently achieved new heights of success.
  • At Digiana Industries, we believe in continuous improvement and expanding our horizons.
  • We specialize in the manufacture of a wide range of electric motors, generators, and transformers for a variety of industrial applications. Our state-of-the-art technology and team of skilled professionals ensure that our products are reliable, efficient, and meet the specific needs of our customers.

As the eldest member of the Digiana Group of Companies, we are proud of our rich heritage and our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible products and services.


All our subsidiary endeavors are under the umbrella of Digiana Group, a conglomerate that shares our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer-centric solutions.

Media & Cable Network Services

We are leading cable T.V service provider since 2000 we are into the 24*7 Entertainment, News & one of the fastest growing cable T.V network in Indore Dist. & Central India We provide 250+ Digital channels in the region. we have our own media & event services with TV channels of all genres which includes major genres.

Superfast Fiber Internet Services

Experience the future of connectivity with our super-fast fiber internet services. Elevate your online experience with lightning-fast speeds, seamless streaming, and reliable connectivity. Welcome to a new era of high-performance internet, where speed meets reliability.

E-Commerce & Ed-Tech Services

Unlocking the future of convenience and learning, we offer cutting-edge E-Commerce and Ed-Tech services. Seamlessly blending technology and education, we redefine the online shopping experience and empower minds through innovative learning solutions. Welcome to a world where convenience meets education at its best.

Premium Exporter

Discover seamless global trade with our specialized export services in Quartz, Quartzite, Silica Sand, Dolomite, Laterite, and more. We're your reliable partner for efficient and high-quality sourcing, connecting suppliers with clients worldwide. Choose us for excellence in mineral exports.

Films Production House

Digiana Films Productions has a team of experienced filmmakers who are passionate about creating high-quality films that are both entertaining and informative. The company has a strong commitment to social responsibility and is dedicated to producing films that make a positive impact on the world.


"Guiding Visionaries, Steering Success: Our Leadership Excellence"

Mr. Sukhdev Singh Ghuman

Chief Managing Director

"Mr. Sukhdev Singh Ghuman, our Chief Managing Director and Founder, is a visionary leader who shapes our company's strategic direction. With unwavering commitment, he pioneers innovative solutions, steering us towards sustainable growth. His profound insights and dedication inspire our team to achieve new heights in every endeavor."

Mr. Tejinderpal Singh Ghumman

Managing Director

"Mr. Tejinderpal Singh Ghumman, our Managing Director and Co-Founder, brings dynamic leadership to our organization. With a focus on excellence, he drives innovation, ensuring our company thrives in a rapidly evolving landscape. His strategic acumen and commitment propel us towards continual success and positive impact."


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49-50-51 Digiana House, 6th cross
sampat farms, Indore (452016), INDIA



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